Shipbuilding and Shiprepair

The main task for which the Liepaja Shipyard company has been created in 1946 (at the moment of creation is the ship-repair plant of the Marine Forces of the KGB (CSS - Committee for State Security) Frontier Troops of the USSR) was the repair of the ships and boats of the naval forces of the USSR Frontier Troops: speed boats of the project 183 various modifications and of the project 205, including the border patrol ships of the project 205П. Since the middle of the 1960’s up to 1991 the enterprise has successfully implemented a comprehensive renovation or reequipment of different modifications of the hydrofoils project 206. Since the late 1970’s the plant has mastered the repair of the border patrol ships «Antares» project 133 and project 1124П.
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One of the main directions

of the enterprise activity during last fifteen years is


of products with perfect

quality to the customer


Flooding dock and launching arrangement

Complete reconstruction of the flooding dock has been implemented with the purpose to get an opportunity of simultaneous construction not less than 4 – 5 low tonnage ships with the main dimensions of length up to 56.0 m, width up to 8,2 m, and draft up to 3.0 m.
At the stage of preparation to implement the shipbuilding program, the building sites and a launching arrangement for the launch of the ships hulls with the length up to 105 meters from the shore were created.
The works on strengthening of the wharf wall and on equipment of the building berth were performed, that allows to take several ships from the flooding dock to the open building berth.



The Liepaja Shipyard company performs construction of low and medium tonnage ships, including special purpose ships and floating docks.
In the field of shipbuilding, which is completely new for the enterprise, in 2007-2008, contracts for construction of the cargo type vessels (without finishing) for the Dutch customer have been implemented. A number of contracts on manufacturing of the metal constructions have been executed.
The first-class engineers, shipbuilders and workers from abroad, including several dozen assemblers, welders and pipefitters were attracted to carry out shipbuilding program.



New technologies, related to the complete renovation of civil ships, floating docks, including special floating dock with capacity 8500 tons after serious fires and flooding were mastered in the field of shiprepair.
In total, within the period from 2000 to 2015, the company has implemented repair of more than 300 vessels and ships.